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The curriculum of Unseen Wealth can be presented from 2 perspectives: 


RISK Curriculum When do Professions do Great Harm to Youth and Sustaining Human Futures?

OPPORTUNITY -the greatest entrepreneurial revolutions of the 2010s are where business models empower millions of youth to unleash collaboration's potential- some sectors like open education are a natural making new comer khan academy a top 10 benchmark for most purposeful organisational model in the world- 

 if you enjoy linking in with citizens who are on such PURPOSE-Hunts - chat with us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk on how to start up a conscious capitalism chapter or similar citizens movement or how to seek open education partners who see the huge opportunity of all entrepreneurial revolution curriculum and citizen chapters and student competition networks to ally

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 As the personal computer networked management offices round the world in the late 80s, the then Big 5 global acountants raced to control how corporate performance was measured. Unfortunately they never changed their century old tradition of being experts at adding up lifeless stocks but assuming all people were costs to cut. This wasn't exactly forward thinking given that the world's largest nations were already more service economy-led than thing valued, and were to become exponentially more so with the internet and knowledge co-working era connecting all truly productive and demanding relationships. The consequence was the metrics that tangible accountants used to monitor goodwill, trust, purpose, trnansparency and sustainbility could not have been calculated to have been less globally true in seeing what exponentials up or down organisational networks were spinning through local communities

It took academics 10 years to complete the research of Unseen Wealth. By 2000 their report - one of the boldest ever issued - clarfied that any nation that governed its biggest organisations without the missing metrics would compound unseen risks and lose its national shirt so to speak. Even as the case of Enron proved the reasoning - showing how a nothing utility company could be cpmpounded in under 10 years of quarterly misleading numbers into one of the top 50 forces in the world. American's Global professions looked the other way - the result wall street's decade of mass financial destruction.

 Jan 2008: nine year old asks 1000 New Yorkers and Dr Yunus about the future state of banking 

 Spring 2008 - Bronx Tv Yunus 2000 Bookclub encourages New York Students to Question Consequences of choosing between Big Brother Economics and UpMicro
What will heppen next in the 2010s - the jury's still out but please note this story has both good and bad newss- all the greatest crises of the 2010s can start to be resolved if we correct the maths, otherwise we will continue to compound slump and loss of planetry sustainability- what is measured explains how humans behave, and when we are governed by the perfect maths to destroy sustanbility that is what will happem unless we are in time ti turn the expnential curves http://www.valuetrue.com/ around
In Inaugural Fortnight Obama Promises America has had enough of top-down Unseen Wealth systems of banking, energy, health and education

Unproductively run systems forces UK to be world's most daring government -Editor of The Economist Summer 2010



US Congress Votes for talk by genius economist Muhammad Yunus Fall 2010

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fall 2010:

how can citizens best celebrate festivals with the man us congress has called the genius economist

congress votes Dr Yunus "genius economist" 297 congressmen ask dr yunus to speak in DC - eta spring 2011 (thanks to DC's www.results.org

selected diary entries of Journalists of Unseen Wealth

2004 EU Head of Intangibles Research announces end of funding - it will tke 3 European Enrons in one year before the people get politicians to wake up to this crisis

Interview with Margaret Blair, Chair of Unseen Wealth:    Spring 2001- Incoming Bush Administration reacted angily to forecasts that risks would compound unseen and closed research funds

Fall 2009: East Coast Tour Debriefing of decade of rotten brand valuation and JMM triple special issue of Brand Reality- Harvard University presentation "your value exchange analysis model may be correct but nobody would ever fund research into such as area

Winter 2008 - valuetrue model of preventing compound risks from entering pursposeful system of productive and demanding relationships forecasts exponential destruction of Big 5 accountant Andersen unless partners resolve lack of understanding of hi-trust value multiplication

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